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Harps, Psalteries, Stools, and Music Stands

Below is a listing of all the instruments we build. The harps are available in cherry, walnut, or maple with a birch soundboard.
We offer 3 types of sharping levers: Loveland Levers..$15.00 per string Universal Levers..$18.00 per string Truitt Levers..$20.00 per string

The harp comes to you with a tuning wrench and extra strings.

Additional options are available for extra cost: 5% for all stained items, $25 for decorative hearts, and $25 for heart-shaped holes in the back of the soundboard. Extra cost will be figured for using Curly Maple, or any other specialty woods.

To place an order, call, write, or email. We need a down payment of at least half of the sale price when you place an order.

If you need further help or information, please contact us. We enjoy working with our customers!



Bowed Psaltery


Little Lindsey Baby Harp

Rippling Brook Small Harp

Shepherd Lap Harp

Limerick Lap Harp

Celestial Lap Harp

Gothic Harp

Large Gothic Harp

Majesty Harp

Music Stand

Music Stand

Harp Stools

Lap Harp Stool (To Set Lap Harp On)

21" Gothic Harp Stool

24" Gothic Harp Stool

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Transporting Your Harp

Click here for helpful tips on transporting your harp.


All of our instruments are guaranteed against defects in workmanship or materials for 5 years from the date of purchase except in the case of misuse or neglect.

We are committed to having you totally satisfied with your instrument.

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