Shephed Lap Harp

Shepherd Lap Harp

22 strings

Begins at G below middle C

Size: 37" tall, 13" wide

Weight: 11 lbs.

New Special Pricing! $850
Added cost for Sharping Levers:
Loveland levers...$15.00 per string
Universal levers..$17.00 per string
Truitt levers........$20.00 per string

Shipping as low as: $85. This instrument ships via UPS.

The Shepherd Lap Harp is excellent for a young beginner and has surprising sound for its size.

This was the first harp Papa made, and we children loved it.

"We had a 4-year-old foster girl, and she loved playing this harp. It seemed she was just drawn to it." —Darlene

Shepherd Lap Harp

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