Majesty Harp

Majesty Harp

36 strings

Range: Low A to a"

Size: 62" tall, 16" wide

Weight: 37 lbs.

New Special Pricing! $3,300

Added cost for Sharping Levers:
Loveland levers...$15.00 per string
Universal levers..$17.00 per string
Truitt levers........$20.00 per string

Shipping: To insure a safe delivery, a sturdy wooden box is built for the harp to be transported in. The shipping cost is $250.

The Majesty Harp not only has an attractive design, but also incredible sound!

We've heard these comments about this harp:

"It sounds like a pedal harp."
"My pedal harp just doesn't have the same sound."
"It sounds like it's amplified."

Some people have asked us if there's an amplifier in the back when we play, and they're surprised to find out that there isn't.

Everyone loves the rich, deep, resonant sound. It's easy to get a lot of sound compared to pedal harps with gut strings and tight tension. To say the truth, it is the best sounding harp we've heard.

Another convenient thing about the Majesty Harp is that the string spacing is the same as pedal harps, so you can easily switch from one to the other.

This is our most popular large harp, starting at low A and ending at high a". One advantage of this harp over the Large Gothic Harp is that it can be played using a regular kitchen chair.

Note: We now build the harps with ovals down the back board instead of hearts. We still do the hearts upon request ($25.00 extra)

Majesty Harp

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