Little Lindsey Baby Harp

Little Lindsey Baby Harp

10 strings

Size: 13" tall

Weight: Approximately 12 oz.

New Special Pricing! (without sharping levers): $150.00

Shipping: $15. This instrument ships via Parcel Post.

We now make all our Little Lindsey Harps out of solid wood, such as Cherry, Maple, Oak, etc. The wood burning designs vary: Butterflies, ivy, flowers, hearts, birds, etc.

These sweet little harps will delight any young child. We made one for a friend of ours who requested one for her 3-year-old daughter. She just loved it, and carried it everywhere. It was a "real harp" she could play!

Little Lindsey Baby Harp

The Little Lindsey Harp is primarily a child's toy or a home decoration. For this reason, it does not have a soundbox or much tone. To keep the price low, we do not spend as much time on the finish as we do on our other harps.

However, we have even sold a Little Lindsey Harp to an elderly lady, and she is learning to play it! She loves it. It has 10 strings, and it reminds her of King David's harp in the Old Testament.

This harp was named after our precious little foster girl whom we loved dearly and had for 16 short months.

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