Large Gothic Harp

Large Gothic Harp

36 strings

Range: Low C to c"

Size: 66" tall, 17" wide

Weight: 26 lbs.

New Special Pricing! $3,700.00
Added cost for Sharping Levers:
Loveland levers...$15.00 per string
Universal levers..$17.00 per string
Truitt levers........$20.00 per string

Shipping: To insure a safe delivery, a sturdy wooden box is built for the harp to be transported in. The shipping cost is $250.

The Large Gothic Harp has five octaves of rich baritone resonance.

This harp is taller and wider at the shoulder than the Majesty, so when playing, a 24" stool works best.

At 26 pounds, it's fairly easy to carry. It can be easily transported in a mini van.

The string spacing on this harp is the same as pedal harps, (concert spacing) so it's easy to switch between the two.

Note: We now build the harps with ovals down the back board instead of hearts. We still do the hearts upon request ($25.00 extra)

Large Gothic Harp

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