Comments From Our Customers

Custom Sized Davidic Harp customer says:

It came! It came! It came tonight by Fed Ex. YOU ARE A MASTER CRAFTSMAN! Reuben, do you realize what an awesome instrument you created????? I know that God had his hands all over you when you crafted this instrument for His use. I let is warm up for as little time as safely possible and then I tuned it and tuned it again and played it for the last 3 hours!'s amazing! The big, rich sound from it and how easy it is to play AND how comfortable I am with it in my arms and my ear up against the wood, feeling like I have become a part of the instrument being used by God! WOW! You did such a terrific job. I love the satin finish on the walnut wood. I can't thank you enough. You did such a wonderful thing for me. Please have satisfaction in knowing that you created a one of a kind instument and perhaps only the second 10-string harp with sharping levers ever made! I will carry it with me and play it often. I will use it for prayer and intercession as God intended and King David exemplified. Praise the Lord! Thank you Reuben. God Bless Your Family, God Bless Your Business and may God Bless You Abundantly. -PA

Little Lindsey Harp Customer Says:

The harp is darling! - OH

The harp arrived today—it is so sweet! I know my granddaughter will love it.

The harp arrived a couple of days ago and it is even more lovely than I thought it would be! Thank you so very much! It will be so much fun to introduce the children in Sunday school to it in January.

Psaltery customer says:

Just wanted to let you know we got this today. It is beautiful, and I love the heart cutout in the middle.

Our 7 year old daughter really likes the Psaltery that she received on her birthday this last week.

Bowed Psaltery customer says:

I love the Psaltery. Thank you! You and Joel did a fine job on it and I could sit down and play it immediately when I got home.

Shepherd Lap Harp Customer Says:

I am writing to let you know that my Shepherd Harp arrived here safe and sound today! It is very beautiful - I really like the Truitt Levers on it and the finish is so nice! I tuned it up just once and I have enjoyed playing on it. It has a very sweet sound! Thank you so much! - CO


The harp arrived today! Such a surprise. I thought it would take at least 6 weeks. What a truly lovely thing it is.... I just LOVE the colour of the wood, with that delicate slightly rose tone in it.Your pyrography adds that touch which really makes it a little girl's harp. From what I could make out so far, the sound is very sweet, though, of course, we won't really know until the strings hold the notes... - Australia

Our harp arrived today in good condition. It is a beautiful instrument, and was very well packaged. You all have done some fine workmanship.- IN

Limerick Lap Harp customer says:

We wanted to thank you for another beautiful harp! We are impressed with the quality of the sound.

Thank you so much for my harp. I enjoy it so much, I can't step away from it. - IN

What a blessing... She cried with joy when I presented it to her... - PA

...the woodwork was very good...-Singapore

Celestial Lap Harp customer says:

It's here........It's here...........It's wonderful..........It's all I expected and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, for your anointed craftsmanship. You truly are a Master's master craftsman. The instrument you have made me will be put to heavenly use.

The harp arrived........very well packed..........and in perfect condition. I have been tuning and playing for the last couple of hours. Words cannot express the joy I feel over this beautiful instrument.

Just want to tell you how happy we are with our Celestial harps. For now our Troubadours are just sitting! The Celestial harps are holding tune well now and seem to have as much resonance and volume as the Troubadours. They are a joy to play. Thank you for our wonderful new Celestial harps. They are truly works of art. - OH

I got it this afternoon! That was fast! It is so much better than I even thought it would be! Both the look and the sound are gorgeous, and I can't even put it down to do my homework! Thank you so much! I'm so glad I bought one from your company instead of bidding on one on Ebay. - LA

My harp is here!!! Charlie and I went into town today to pick it up. Darlene, you're right... it is beautiful and I can't wait to play beautiful music with it! Thank you...both of you for your time and talent put into my harp. - MT

Yeah!! We received the harp. It's a beautiful instrument and sounds very nice (considering what little I know about music). - CO

I received my beautiful Celestial harp and am delighted with the sound! The workmanship is wonderful. - FL

The harp arrived Tuesday, and I am thrilled with it! It came through shipping just fine (you did a wonderful job packing it), and it is absolutely beautiful. The wood is lovely, the tuning pegs turn smoothly (this is more important to you if your other harp has pegs that stick!), and the levers are well-adjusted, too. Most important to me was the sound; I'd been praying that the Lord would give it a sound that would be a blessing to those who heard it, and He has entirely answered my prayer. It sounds better than any lap harp I've ever heard, and that's before the tuning has settled in! - CA

31-string Gothic Harp customer says:

We are really enjoying the harp!! All of us! In fact we are already figuring how to get another smaller one like a Celestial Harp or something. So many want to play and are picking it up quickly. I could hardly keep them at school work today! - OH

...the Harp is absolutely beautiful and I am thrilled to have it and learn to play. - OH

Large Gothic Harp customer says:

Wanted to let you know that the harp arrived today. Beautiful!

Just a note to tell you that we are enjoying the harp... You may use our name as a reference for someone interested in buying a harp.

I would like to express appreciation for the time, effort, and thought you put in making the harp. It is a beautiful looking and sounding harp....

Majesty Harp customer says:

The Majesty has made it safely home and it truly is majestic. I just love it!!!!! It has a beautiful sound and I was thrilled when I turned it around and saw the hearts all down the sound box! - MI

The harp arrived today. We love it!... It looks beautiful and sounds very lovely.

Our new harp was delivered an hour ago and it is beautiful. Thank you!

I want to thank you so very much for the new beautiful harp that I own! I am so delighted with it! When I see my new Majesty harp standing in our living room, it is so lovely that it's almost hard for me to believe that it is mine! It is the most beautiful harp that I own and one of the most beautiful harps that I think I've ever seen!! I also love the finish on this harp.... it is absolutely flawless and it is the best finish I have ever seen or felt on any harp! The curly maple wood that you used is also so beautiful... the grain in the wood is really something and it is everything that I wanted! Best of all though is the sound... it is so rich and majestic and is the best sounding lever harp that I have ever played on! Whenever I play, it makes me just want to keep playing!:-) The Truitt levers are also so nice! I've played in many different keys already with the levers up. They were so precisely installed and work very well! Another thing that I wanted to mention is that this harp is holding it's tune so well, I can't believe it! I've only tuned it up once and that was right after I got it. It still sounds pretty much in tune! Did you make the tuning wrench that was sent with my harp too? I really like it! I just want you to know that I just love my new harp from top to bottom (I especially like the base frame of this harp!) The harp was truly worth all the wait and every dollar it took to buy it! Your workmanship and service are excellent and it has been a joy for me to purchase a harp from your family! I am sure that I will have many years of musical enjoyment in praising the Lord with this harp! - CO

Many thanks to all of you for the beautiful harp. It sounds so perfect and so far I have had 2 lessons! Thank you for your help to me and to your father for all his hard work in making the harp. It will be a joy for many years to come. - OH

We have been wanting to write and let you know how pleased Elaine has been with her new harp. She has a hard time of leaving it alone!! Tomorrow she will be playing for a wedding nearby... We are very pleased with your workmanship in making this instrument. - IL

The harp came yesterday and we were able to get it home last night. It is absolutely beautiful. It was packed very well. My daughter loves it. - TN

Thank you- you did a wonderful job!

It arrived and looks great. It's lovely - just beautiful! - IL

I received the harp June 17th. It is beautiful and has great sound. - CO

Thanks so much! The harp looks beautiful and sounds great!

The harp arrived today! It's just beautiful!! -AL

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