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Welcome to Harps of Praise! Check out our special reduced prices on our harps and psalteries!

Thank you for choosing to visit our website! We are the Reuben Hostetler family and Harps of Praise is the name we have chosen for the home business/ministry the LORD has given us. Reuben builds the harps, and four of our children, Joel, Darlene, Daisy, and Joshua, have enjoyed learning to play them.

We offer highest quality affordable harps, for both beginning students and professionals. Our harps come in all sizes, from a 15-string lap harp to a 36-string large harp. We also build psalteries and bowed psalteries.

Playing Harps

These beautiful instruments are carefully and individually handcrafted, using solid hardwood. The soundboard is made of aircraft birch, the strongest, lightest, and highest resounding material available. Much time is spent finishing each instrument, hand-rubbing to a smooth, satiny luster, which is sure to please you!

Most importantly, and best of all, our harps are known for their lovely sound: the clear, sweet, ringing tones of the lap harps, and the rich, majestic resonance of the large harps.

We also offer instrumental harp recordings by Harps of Praise, how-to books, sheet music, musicards, padded harp and psaltery covers, harp stools, and tuners.

Feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you and helping you fill your home with heavenly music!

Praising the Lord with the harp,
Reuben & Naomi,
Joel & Helena,
Darlene & Levi,
D & S,
Joshua & Suzanne,
Jewel and Jonathan Hostetler

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